Send Prescription or Transfer

We can seamlessly accept new prescriptions or transfer medicines from your existing pharmacy

Medication is prepared

Your prescription and over-the-counter medicines will be prepared by a local pharmacy

Free Same-Day Delivery

Skip the line with no delivery fee and have your medicines waiting for you right at your door


Manage your medicines the smarter way with us! We accept new prescriptions and refills in three different ways.


New Prescription

Click ‘Order Now’ and submit a photo of your prescription

Transfer a Refill

Take a photo of your existing prescription vial or product us with the information and we will transfer it from your existing pharmacy

Direct from your Doctor

Ask your doctor to directly fax the prescription to us!


Our delivery services are free! You only have to pay the regular co-pay that you currently pay your existing pharmacy.

We are able to delivery almost anywhere in Ontario.

We accept all major insurance, including ODB (for seniors 65 years of age and older) and OHIP+ (for 25 years of age and under).

We strive to make medications affordable for ODB patients and will provide a 10% discount off your existing co-payments!*

online medicine delivery in Brampton


*If you find a lower price at a licensed Ontario pharmacy within 60 days of your purchase we’ll beat that price on your next prescription. Simply provide us with a copy or photo of the prescription receipt for verification by staff. Management has right to refuse unreasonable prices (e.g., below cost of acquisition).


1) Where are my prescriptions filled?

All prescriptions are filled at Ontario College of Pharmacist’s licensed pharmacies. The medicines are dispensed by a registered pharmacist. We have several pharmacies within our network. Contact us with the delivery address and we can tell you exactly which pharmacy will fill your prescription.

2) How do I submit my prescriptions?

You have three methods to submit your prescriptions. First option, take a photo of your prescription and text (MMS) us the image. Second option, upload your prescription online on our website. If you use these two methods, then the pharmacist will pick up the prescription while delivering your medicines. Third option, have your physician directly fax us the prescription.

3) How long does it take to deliver?

We offer same-day delivery for antibiotics and other urgent medicines. We will remind you in advance about upcoming refills and contact your physician if renewal authorization is required. This will help ensure that you always receive your medicines in time.

4) How do I talk to the pharmacist?

You can talk to the pharmacist through the following methods:


2.Text or WhatsApp

3.In-person when they deliver the medicines to you

5) How much does it cost?

Our prescription delivery services are FREE! You only pay for the cost of the medicines. We also offer discounts. For instance, ODB plan holders with co-payment of $1.99 pay $0 (no-charge), while those with co-payment of $6.11 pay only $2.99. We can also deliver OTC (over the counter) products along with the prescription products.

6) Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions.

7) How do you ensure security of patient data?

We take the security of patient data very seriously. All prescriptions submitted through our website are encrypted prior to online transmission. We also use encrypted emails to communicate with our partnering pharmacies. Our web server, emails and facsimile are compliant with PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act).

8) I am a pharmacy owner. How do you I join your network of partnering pharmacies?

We are enrolling a limited number of pharmacies. Please contact us at for details.

9) How do I provide feedback?

We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at or (647)803-2176.



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